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Important Dates and Information

WHMIS and Safety Quiz - Wednesday, September 13 (returned)
Scientist Biography due Thursday, September 14 (returned)
Nomenclature Assignment due Tuesday, September 26 (returned)
Nomenclature Quiz - Thursday, September 28 (returned)
Chemical Properties Lab due Friday, September 29 (returned)
Balancing Chemical Equations Assignment due Wednesday, October 4 (returned)
Balancing Chemical Equations Quiz - Thursday, October 5 (returned)
Chemistry Unit Test - Friday, October 13 (returned)
Trans Fats Assignment due Friday, October 13 (returned)
Cell Size Assignment due Monday, October 23 (returned)
Cell Size Lab due Thursday, October 26 (returned)
Exponential Cell Growth Assignment due Monday, October 30 (returned)
Heart Rate Lab due Tuesday, November 7 (returned)
Diagrams Quiz - Wednesday, November 8 (returned)
Organ Transplant Assignment due Tuesday, November 14 (returned)
Biology Unit Test - Friday, November 17 (returned)
Light Quiz - Wednesday, November 22 (morning) Thursday, November 23 (afternoon)
Mirror Ray Diagrams Quiz - Wednesday, November 29 (returned)
Refraction Quiz - Tuesday, December 5 (morning) Wednesday, December 6 (afternoon) (returned)
Lens Ray Diagram Quiz - Monday, December 11 (returned)
Optics Unit Test - Friday, December 15 (returned)
Climate Change Quiz - Friday, January 12

Inquiry and Procedures


Trans Fats Assignment

A Dynamic Periodic Table
Periodic Table of Videos

Human Systems (Biology)

Model of the Cell
The Cell Cycle
Animation of Mitosis
Mitosis Song

The Microscope

Digestion Simulation

General System Animations
Virtual Frog Dissection
Virtual Pig Dissection
Organ Donation FAQs

Optics (Physics)

Interactive Ray Diagrams

Thin Lens Equation

Climate Change

Thawing Mosses Article
How Scientists Know the Earth is Warming

What's your carbon footprint?
CBC - Dying for a Drink